Spectroscopy Problems & Workbook

This section contains a series of NMR spectra for various organic "unknowns." Click on a link, and you will see the formula and 1H NMR spectrum for that compound on page 1. The answer is on page 2, with the assignments of the chemical shifts. Try to solve the unknown before checking page 2. You will need a Table of Spectroscopic data for the chemical shifts.

Unknown 1 Unknown 2 Unknown 3 Unknown 4 Unknown 5
Unknown 6 Unknown 7 Unknown 8 Unknown 9 Unknown 10
Unknown 11 Unknown 12 Unknown 13 Unknown 14 Unknown 15
Unknown 16 Unknown 17 Unknown 18 Unknown 19 Unknown 20
Unknown 21 Unknown 22 Unknown 23 Unknown 24 Unknown 25
Unknown 26 Unknown 27 Unknown 28 Unknown 29 Unknown 30
Unknown 31 Unknown 32 Unknown 33 Unknown 34 Unknown 35
Unknown 36 Unknown 37 Unknown 38 Unknown 39 Unknown 40

Index of Unknowns a listing of the compounds used above.

Spectroscopy Workbook

Most organic unknown problems will be presented with two or more spectra. The workbook (link below) contains 50 unknown problems. Each compound has the mass spectrum; IR spectra; 1H NMR and the 13C NMR. The formula is given on the mass spec page. Follow the instructions in the introduction for a strategy to propose the structure; the answers are in the back of the book.


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